Liturgy, Spirituality and Life

There is an intimate link between life and liturgy. We must explore and advance the development of liturgical ministries in the diocese. The core thrust of the vote was towards enhancing the quality and experience of liturgy at a local level achieving ‘conscious, active and full’ participation. And here we saw that the emphasis was on liturgy that connects with the lives of ordinary people and that can be delivered by ordinary people. The development of local capacity for leadership in liturgy was a key enabler for this – both for liturgies led by clergy and by lay people.

Prayer Guides

Spiritual direction is a ministry of spiritual conversation where a person meets with a spiritual director on a one to one basis. 

Resources for Liturgical Seasons

Looking for sample Liturgies or resources for your parish, check out what we have available

Technology in Churches

Technology is starting to play a bigger role in our Churches, Parishes and Communities. We look at how technology can make parish life a bit easier.

Todays Mass Readings

Our Daily Reading includes the readings of the day and a Gospel reflection

Sunday Mass Readings

The readings, Responsorial Psalm and Gospel for Sunday.

Daily Reflection

Take this thought with you today to remind you that God is with you in all you do. His love can shine through your actions this day.

Saints of the Day

Find out who today's Saint of the Day is

Lay Led Liturgy

With increasingly unavailability of priests to preside at liturgy, it is necessary to consider lay-led liturgy.